Here is a gallery of the projects I have completed:
My Snowboard
  • expand_moreI bought this snowboard from eBay for £34
    My Snowboard My SnowboardAs you can see, its condition was very used!
  • expand_moreUse in the park causes this:
    Snowboard DamageHere you can see the condition of the baseSnowboard Damage
  • expand_moreThere are some deep scratches
    Surface Dintwhich will need a course of P-Tex repair
  • expand_moreThe P-Tex repair is on
    Snowboard P-TexA lot of the base is covered!
    Hopefully this will reduce the severity of the damagesSnowboard P-Tex
  • expand_moreThe edges were pretty worn
    Blunt Snowboard EdgeSo a few passes along the side edge at 89° cleans these up nicelySharp Snowboard Edge
  • expand_moreA couple of waxing courses later
    GlossyDint RepairedMost of the problems have disappeared, but some of the deep gauges remainRepaired SnowboardRepaired SnowboardRepaired SnowboardSpending more time on these might be an option but the benefit to the rider on the snow will be minimal
My Skis
  • expand_moreThis fairly deep gauge is close to the edge
    Ski GaugeThis was caused by a rock in Alpe d'Huez and its presence has always annoyed me!
  • expand_moreA P-Tex repair should stop any future problems
    Ski P-Tex
  • expand_moreMore pictures coming soon...
    Wax Dust